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About Angel Adams

Hi my name is Angel Adams. I became a Realtor because I love to help my friends find homes. It seems anytime one of them starts to get the house bug, they call me and ask if I would like to help. I always jump at the opportunity! I love to look at houses, new, old, houses in great shape and not so great shape. My friends think I am crazy for looking at the homes that are a little run down. What I like looking at is the character of the house. I like to see if there are features that my friends may like or want. I know that not everyone is willing to take on a fixer upper but maybe there are things about it that they would want in their new home. I like the challenge of finding that perfect fit.

I am also a Mother, Wife, and Chemist. I received my B.S. in Chemistry from Cleveland State University and have been with my company for 16 years. My Husband and Son have been so wonderful in supporting this venture.